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Why Beach

Why Beach?

Beach Volleyball has quickly grown in popularity over the last few years with the excitement revolving around the Olympics and the expanding competition in the NCAA college beach volleyball field.

With the recent changes to the NCAA rules and regulations, more colleges are being given the opportunity to compete at the highest level and also allow for student-athletes to be sponsored and endorsed by brands. Colleges all over the country are scouting for talent to bring their programs to the next level and reach the big stage at the NCAA National Championships.

To be a beach volleyball athlete is to be a well-rounded athlete. With only 2 players competing on one side of the net, it teaches players responsibility and accountability to get the job done. Passing, setting, serving, hitting and ball control are all main elements of focus in beach volleyball. Throwing in outside factors such as wind, rain, heat or the cold adds new challenges into training and playing, but it ultimately strengthens your game, mentality and character. Beach volleyball is also a good sport to take up if you are looking for cross training for other sports because it improves your physical and mental strength as well as your explosiveness, speed and agility.

In the early days, beach volleyball was closely compared to indoor volleyball based on their similarities. Nowadays, beach volleyball is described as its own entity of being a fun and relaxed sport that connects people from all over the globe. I mean who else can say that they play a sport that is fun, takes place outside in the sun and sand and allows for music to play in the background of every training session and tournament?

If you are at all interested in picking up a new sport for fun or want to train to play beach volleyball at the next level, 210 Beach is the place for you. We are a community-driven beach volleyball club that wants to teach you lessons beyond just volleyball skills in order to be the best athlete you can be.

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